The subject of death is something that people like to avoid, even though it’s something we all must go through, and something we should all seriously consider. Today, the world’s flooded with books about how to be happy, successful, rich, or more seductive. Tony Robbins screams that we’re all looking for happiness, and he (of course, for a price) has the formula. Carlton Sheets (for another price) tells us how to have tons of realty equity and shows us that we can drive a Rolls Royce’s too.

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If you are in bondage, then don’t feel badly. It happens to most of us in our lifetimes. Sure, it happens in our workplace, it happens in an abusive relationship, and it happens in our “church” life. And . . . if you feel that you’re in bondage, then take heart. Most of this world is too.

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Is Easter Pagan?

The Easter season is nearly upon us once again. For many, it’s a time for rejoicing and celebrating the resurrection of Christ; realizing that because he lives, we also can live forever. But for others, especially those who have absorbed the teachings of Herbert Armstrong, Easter is looked upon with suspicion and disdain. They are convinced that it is not a Christian celebration in the least, and that it should be totally rejected as obviously pagan.

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Mentally Unstable?

“Power corrupts,” as Lord Acton said, “and absolute power corrupts – absolutely.”

For some reason or other (the reader MUST figure this one personally), absolute power – in any area – leads to all his/her subjects, and the reverend worship of the dominant leader. Unless the underdog is totally subjective, then the upper leadership goes insane with rage, threatens punishment, humiliation, slander, libel, etc. In religion, the “lower” people, if subjection is not adhered to and total surrender is not given, then the leadership (with the power) will take the formal action as dictated by their cult leader.

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Herbert Armstrong Fraud. Jesus Christ Will Not Return Tonight.

Jesus Christ will not return tonight, nor will he return tomorrow night, or next year, nor will he return next century. If you wait for his return, you wait in vain. You will grow old and you “will die” waiting for Christ’s return. Christians have an empty hope, and a worthless faith in the non-existent return of a non-existent “savior.”

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The “Christian” Antichrists

A major problem in this world is that too many people do NOT have the courage or determination of will to let the “fresh air of truth” to flow liberally through their minds.

In this world, we cannot have any type of sincere movement or philosophy without there being a counterfeit opposite. Every “honest” government, for example, has corruption in there somewhere; every good business is susceptible to dishonest, maniacal intervention. And every “reputable” church will have its DARK SIDE

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Religion = Atheism

Sounds ridiculous.  Doesn’t it?  But, let’s think about it.

For the record, I don’t believe that most “Atheists” are really atheists.  I think that most folks who claim atheism are really agnostic, and don’t know what to think.  That’s perfectly understandable.   Most of us have been there.   For a long time (post Worldwide), I was in a quandary about whether to believe in a God or not.  Then it slowly came to my thick, and brainwashed skull, that God was not the type of anthropomorphic being as religion had so dogmatically preached.  We were dealing with something infinite.

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