Herbert W. Armstrong. C.I.A. Agent

The Radio Church of God, later the Worldwide Church of God was not only a religion, it was a also a geo-political movement whose teachings were buried within a religious context.

The overseas broadcasts seemed to follow the strange establishment of CIA client stations such as “Radio Swan” (later called “Radio Americas”) which played a key role in the Bay of Pigs invasion. This station has a well documented history tied to the CIA. The same is true of stations like “Radio Tangier International” in Africa, and his Russian language broadcasts from “Radio Monte Carlo”.

C.I.A. threat assessment file

Yet it is the “Radio Luxembourg” and “Radio Caroline North”, “Radio 270”, “Radio Scotland”, “Radio 390” and “Wonderful Radio London” broadcasts that are most interesting because they represented the US interests in developing Europe as a single entity. The French under de Gaulle advanced the idea of a United States of Europe” having similar powers to the United States of America, while the USA and the UK advanced the idea of a United Europe as a single trading block that would be tied to the USA. Armstrong’s broadcasts and supporting literature had a history dating back to pre-WWII in which he warned that a United States of Europe would eventually defeat both the UK and USA with a person similar to Adolph Hitler as its leader. This is thoroughly documented in both the recordings of his broadcasts and his literature. In fact before WWII ended Armstrong thought that the USA would lose and when it actually won, he immediately began predicting that a USE would arise from the ashes and try again. His dire warnings predate even the earliest of the Benelux agreements for trade in iron, steel and coal.
-From Wiki Talk on “Herbert W. Armstrong”

From AR 48:

The FBI Files on the WCG

Have you ever wondered what information on the WCG might be found in the files of the FBI? Kentuckian Gene Bailey has. And his curiosity prompted him to contact FBI offices around the country to request copies of their files on the WCG under provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA,” 5 USCA Sec. 552).

Unfortunately, while the FOIA seems to hold out much promise for investigators, utilizing it can be time consuming. Bailey has had to wait well over a year to receive the first release of documents since his initial request. And utilization of the FOIA is not without financial costs. The FBI has charged Bailey plenty just for photocopying and he has also incurred attorney’s fees. Furthermore, the FOIA does not really make all government held information accessible. The FOIA provides numerous loopholes or exceptions whereby the government may withhold information at its own discretion. For example, the government may withhold information when it feels its release would jeopardize an ongoing investigation, national security, or the concealment of a confidential informant. The government may also withhold information which it feels impinges on a living citizen’s privacy rights. Where files contain information about a living individual, the government generally will not release that information without the individual’s permission. Thus, in order to get the FBI’s files on Joseph W. Tkach, one would have to obtain Tkach’s written permission. Bailey has written to Tkach requesting such permission, but “The Apostle” never responded or cooperated in any way.

In spite of the numerous exceptions and restrictions built into the law, Bailey has discovered much by utilizing the FOIA. For instance, the FBI’s office in Los Angeles has admitted that they have seven main files pertaining to Herbert W. Armstrong and two main files pertaining to the WCG. One of those files originated in and was coordinated by the FBI’s Atlanta office. Other filed investigations were reported to FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C.

So far, the FBI’s Los Angeles office has given Bailey 72 pages of information. Most of those pages are heavily censored with blacked-out sections. The Los Angeles office also informed Bailey that they are withholding 164 pages of information in their entirety. The FBI has not even hinted what those 164 pages contain.

In addition to the Los Angeles office, other FBI offices have files on the WCG. The FBI’s Washington, D.C. office has informed Bailey that their office has about 500 pages of information about HWA and the WCG. There is an additional 112 pages dealing with Ambassador College, the Plain Truth, the World Tomorrow, and Stanley R. Rader. The government originally told Bailey he should have all the documents he requested by March. But they have now informed him that it will take another three to four months for the government to decide how much, if any, of the remaining files can be released. The government has stated that the large file on HWA is designated as “classified” for national security reasons. Whether or not it will be declassified and released to Bailey remains to be seen.

It is not surprising that the FBI should have taken an interest in HWA. While we were never able to verify the allegation, it was rumored for years that certain members of HWA’s entourage were smuggling illegal drugs into the U.S. by concealing the powdery substances in sealed canisters of World Tomorrow video tape and in the bulkheads of the WCG’s corporate jet.

But Bailey has learned from the FBI that other federal investigative agencies have had files on the WCG. Those agencies, the FBI said, include the Air Force’s Special Investigations Office and the Central Intelligence Agency. Regarding the latter, one CIA employee told Bailey that after each meeting with foreign leaders during the 1970s and early 1980s Herbert Armstrong and his Jewish attorney-accountant Stanley R. Rader had probably been debriefed by the CIA and that there would be files on those debriefings. But now, however – months after being told by the government that the CIA had files on the WCG – Bailey has been told by the CIA that no such files can be found!

In addition to contacting numerous federal agencies, Bailey has written to the secretaries of state for the 50 states in an attempt to ascertain exactly who the corporate agents of record are for the Worldwide Church of God, Inc. and the Church of God, International, Inc. in each of the separate states. As a result, Bailey made some startling discoveries. In a number of states, the agent for both the WCG and the CGI are the same individual – a current WCG minister. In one case the agent listed for the CGI was never in the CGI headed by Garner Ted Armstrong and is now deceased. For Minnesota, there are two agents listed for CGI: an individual who is no longer in either CGI or the WCG, and Ralph Helge who is actually the chief attorney for the WCG. Even more curious is the fact that in some states (Utah, for example, in a state filing dated April 19, 1982) the list of CGI directors includes the names of such WCG luminaries as Ralph Helge, Ellis LaRavia, and Raymond McNair and their addresses are all listed as 300 West Green Street, Pasadena, California. It is difficult to fathom what possible excuse can be given for the maintenance of such legal confusion. Certainly one has to suspect some kind of chicanery is involved. While we reported back in 1978 (AR 6) how the WCG was trying to tie up the name “Church of God, International” so that Garner Ted Armstrong’s new church would be inconvenienced, since then GTA’s Tyler, Texas organization has clearly become known everywhere as “the Church of God, International.” With WCG people in Pasadena still registered as doing business under the same name it is quite conceivable that property left by will to Garner Ted’s CGI could eventually wind up in one of Worldwide’s CGI shells.

Bailey is continuing his investigations and says he hopes that by mid-September all his requests for documents from the various government agencies he has contacted will be processed. He also says he would be willing to provide a photocopy set of all those documents to anyone who will send him enough to cover his printing and mailing expenses. Ralph Helge has already sent in a check. Those interested should write to: Gene Bailey, P.O. Box 1144, Nicholasville, KY 40340-1144. However, Mr. Bailey emphasizes that at this time he has no way of knowing exactly how much information will be contained in the government files yet to be reviewed. It may turn out that very little will be released.

Hopefully, within four months we will have had a chance to look over those documents ourselves. We hope to provide our readers with a synopsis of their contents in a future issue of Ambassador Report.

HWA Remembered (Part IV)

One of the most intriguing aspects of the life of Herbert W. Armstrong was his frequent visits with the heads of state and/or top leaders of many nations: Israel (very often), Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, India, Nepal, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Kenya, Thailand, South Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Austria, West Germany, Great Britain, Romania, and Communist China.

Because HWA met with such communist leaders as Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania (in October 1971) and Deng Xiaoping of China (on Nov. 7, 1984), some have speculated that HWA was a communist sympathizer. There is not the slightest evidence that HWA was ever sympathetic to communist ideology. But whether he was sympathetic to the way totalitarian communist regimes actually operate is another matter.

HWA never hid the fact that he did not believe democracy to be God’s form of government. In this regard, it is interesting to note HWA’s long friendship with Leopold III of Belgium. According to the WN (Feb. 10, 1986, p. 2), Leopold was instrumental in arranging many of HWA’s meetings with heads of state. But unknown to most Worldwiders is the fact that Leopold, a staunch Roman Catholic, had been forced to abdicate his throne in 1950. The underlying reason was that Leopold had surrendered Belgium to the Nazis in 1940 and had refused to flee the country to set up a Belgian government-in-exile in France or England. He spent most of the war in Germany. One international relations expert told AR, “Deep down Leopold was really a f——- fascist.” After Leopold died, his widow presented HWA with the Cross of the Veterans of King Leopold (WN, May 13, 1985, p. 1).

Because HWA was meeting regularly with powerful world leaders it is not surprising that the CIA would have taken an interest in HWA. During the Cold War years the CIA, not unlike the KGB, made extensive use of members of the clergy as sources for information. A prime example is the CIA’s use of many in the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchical priesthood as informants in Western and Eastern Europe. The CIA would have been only too happy to have used HWA in a similar way.

But was HWA being used for more than just information gathering? Over the years, many noticed that in a number of cases, after HWA visited a country, that country’s government would fall or there would be a major change of leadership. Examples: Ethiopia after HWA visited Haile Selassie, the Philippines after HWA visited Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, India after HWA visited Indira Gandhi, and Egypt after HWA visited Anwar Sadat. (Some even recall how HWA was to have met with Allende of Chile but Allende was overthrown and killed – with CIA help, many say – shortly before HWA was to go to that country.)

Because of the above coincidences (and perhaps because Rader was reported to have had friends in the White House during Republican administrations beginning with Nixon), some at WCG headquarters kidded that HWA or someone close to him was somehow being used by the CIA to bring down governments. While the idea sounds like something out of a spy novel, such a theory should not be dismissed out of hand.

It will be interesting to see if the CIA ever finds its file on HWA’s travels or if the FBI ever releases its large Washington file on the WCG.

From the Exit & Support Network:

Herbert W. Armstrong, along with his wife Loma, were very active in international governmental affairs following the United Nations (UN) first meeting held in San Francisco in 1945. Not only was Armstrong involved with the League of Nations, he, too, had a vested interest in the Security Council of the UN. Armstrong’s penchant for hobnobbing with the elite and power-hungry may have stemmed from his earlier rebelling Fascist days with the Ku Klux Klan, but his proclivity to center himself amidst the world’s most controversial Communist dictators proved to be his greatest asset during his later years. Armstrong’s intimate association with Communist leaders from countries such as Japan, Arab nations, Israel, Philippines, South Africa and Chile, among others, largely surrounded covert “one world government aspirations.” We now discern Armstrong’s activities with the “ecumenical agenda” of “one world religion.” He often boasted about his many speaking engagements with the Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus and other Catholic organizations. Few, however, realized Armstrong was actively and secretly supporting what he so overtly preached against to the small flock�that financially supported his nefarious adventure-few, that is, with the exception of the ministers and evangelists who are currently engaged in the Worldwide Church of God cover-up. Armstrong states in his autobiography, Vol. 2, pg. 113, that he attended Catholic mass at the first United Nations meeting in 1945. Why didn’t thousands of followers see through the duality of agenda and conflicts of interests throughout the six decades? Didn’t the hierarchy of the multimillion-dollar corporate empire see through the hypocrisy? Or were the bulk of “God’s ministers” actually part of the big “Aryan” lie?

The Ecumenical Movement apparently was on Herbert W. Armstrong’s agenda from the start of his international Communist propaganda printing business. The WCG archive chronicles the duplicitous activities escalating throughout the 1960s into the 1970s. The ESN has received several cogent testimonies indicating very strong ties between Stanley R. Rader and Vatican interests. Certainly this seems contradictory to Stanley R. Rader’s Jewish background, but as the data continues to surface, the strong Catholic and papal WCG ties will be clarified. The WCG literature is brimming with telling articles related to what we now know to be the NEW AGE, or Ecumenical Movement. It would have been difficult for insiders to discern any pro-ecumenical stand with WCG, as the inside teaching propagated the Catholic Church as the whore and beast power of Revelation. We find on pg. 15 and 16 of the 1974 Good News magazine, an array of pictures with Herbert Armstrong; Stanley Rader, Legal Counsel, and Osamo Gotoh (the overseas campaign director, and head of Ambassador College Asian studies). The article chronicles Armstrong’s visit with President Marcos in Manila. A caption describes the pictures:

“On arrival at Manila Airport, Mr. Armstrong is presented with a lei. A government highway patrol car and motorcycle escorts Mr. Armstrong’s party from airport to hotel. Mr. Armstrong, guest of honor at Kiwanis Club luncheon, is presented bronze plaque. Mayor of Manila presents Mr. Armstrong with the key to the city. Mr. Armstrong speaks at the Knights of Columbus.”

The article goes on to say:

“Mr. Armstrong spoke before over 200 members of the Knights of Columbus and the Daughters of Isabella at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. In the evening he was honored dinner guest, along with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and an Associate Justice, at the home of former Philippine vice-president Lopez.

“Mr. Armstrong traveled north to Angeles City to visit Angeles University, where an honorary doctor’s degree in humanities was conferred upon him. Mr. Armstrong spoke to the assembled crowd concerning the missing dimension in education.”

Why would Herbert Armstrong receive an honorary Ph.D. from a Catholic University? Why would he engage with the Knights of Columbus Catholic organization? Why would he and his ministers preach one belief and act on another? What was going on here? Do the evangelical allies supporting Tkach myths know the answer?

Angeles University was opened in 1962 by Dr. Barbara Angeles in the Philippines.

Herbert W. Armstrong befriended many international “dignitaries” that were later exposed for horrific crimes. We strongly question if it was just coincidental that Armstrong and Rader consumed over 300 days a year during the 1960s and 1970s, intermingling with corrupt leaders involved with intelligence agencies, the Mafiosi, drugs, money laundering, pornography, arms weapons, and associated criminal activities. As we continue to delve further into Armstrong/Rader/Gotah history and compare it to international events, facts should continue to clarify events and associations.


Rader turned the WCG into a proprietary company for the C.I.A.

A letter at the Exit & Support Network reveals even more:

Herbert W. Armstrong and His Communist Friends:

March 5, 2006

Around 1985 or 1986, I remember viewing a film at the Feast of Tabernacles where HWA was showing off the Pasadena campus to Armand Hammer. HWA was bragging to Armand about what he had accomplished and kept saying, “Not bad, eh?” Armand’s father, Julius, co-founded the American Communist Party and Armand laundered money for the communist government and was involved in pro-Soviet activities. I recently read that Armand was considered “an accomplice of every Russian leader from Lenin to Gorbachev.” It always bothered me that Herbert Armstrong and Armand were friends. That made me suspicious. –H. N., Former WCG member

Comment: HWA also met with other communists; i. e., Alger Hiss at the first United Nations meeting in San Francisco, 1945. Read this part in HWA’s November 24, 1967 letter to Plain Truth subscriberswhere he boasts about how Alger Hiss signed his entry pass into that meeting. Also see the 5-29-07 letter: “HWA Used Mein Kampf as a Guide in Controlling People” which tells about HWA, Armand Hammer, and Alger Hiss.

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