Most of us have been lied to all our lives. While this avalanche of misinformation – and usually about God and religion – may have unintentionally come from parents, friends, and relatives, it’s usually a little more sinister when it deliberately comes from outside our families. Politicians lie, religious leaders lie, the news media lies, oil companies always lie, and in Sho-Biz, it seems no one ever tells the truth. Continue reading “Apollonius”

The Armstrong Crime Syndicate


While most of the world thinks that “religion” is the way to go, many readers of this site have now taken a more realistic approach. Throughout our tenure in Worldwide Church of God, we’ve seen the upper criminal element to be very much alive in this and the offspring cults. What they did, and are still doing, would be considered criminal by most impartial courts of law. Yet, the legal system – despite the separation of church and state – chooses to look the other way when it comes to crimes of religion, which (in the Western world), we would call “Christian Crime.”

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