Religion = Atheism

Sounds ridiculous.  Doesn’t it?  But, let’s think about it.

For the record, I don’t believe that most “Atheists” are really atheists.  I think that most folks who claim atheism are really agnostic, and don’t know what to think.  That’s perfectly understandable.   Most of us have been there.   For a long time (post Worldwide), I was in a quandary about whether to believe in a God or not.  Then it slowly came to my thick, and brainwashed skull, that God was not the type of anthropomorphic being as religion had so dogmatically preached.  We were dealing with something infinite.

Anything that’s said below does NOT apply to any genuine teacher or servant of people, and there are, thankfully, many of those.  They don’t make much (or any) money, but on the other side of the nickel, there are those to whom the following article fits EXACTLY.  These latter money-suckers are the ones that might squirm.

There are all sorts of life, besides the life forms on our own planet.  Wherever there is energy (and that’s everywhere), there is life of some sort.  There’s no consciousness in inanimate life, but there is phenomenal, energetic life  . . . molecular activity that “glues” those objects together.  Every part of our planet has life.  Energy is found in the planet’s core, which is basically metallically- created magma, and energy is also found in the cooling of the upwardly pressed volcanic rock (that black, crunchy and lightweight stuff – as found in the Big Island of Hawaii near the Kilauea volcano – south [or makai] of Mauna Loa) and energy is also found in the cooling particles that envelope the magma core and it’s rising, volcanic tentacle lines to the planet’s surface that make for active volcanoes.  There is molecular life in the rocks beneath our feet (although again, there’s no consciousness there), but there is life within and throughout our wonderful planet Earth.  Since life can only come from life, then our soil coated planet, called in Biblical vernacular “The Earth,” can only produce life.  In our particular case it’s produced carbon based intelligence – namely us.  We are the outgrowth of the consciousness on our planet.

The soil beneath our feet, provides our ALL.  We are children of the Earth.  I sometimes go into the veggie garden that I put together, and rub the soil (manure, gromulch, and stuff) together that gives us sustenance of life that we enjoy.  And I just look up to wherever/Whatever, and I say:  “Thanks.”  That Genesis Biblical thought should be better translated “land” instead of Earth.  We have dominion over that “Earth” land (which is thinner on our planet in comparison than the skin is on an apple) but we were NOT given dominion over whole the planet.  Hence the consequential screw-ups that we see today.  The planet, which has a molten core of magma, is magnetized by the sun’s electro-magnetic energy.  That’s why we have a North-South polarities, and that’s why we have a gravity force of #1.  We’re molecular, and we’re polarized.  Please check out Einstein’s “Unified Field Theory.”  That’s why we are held to the Earth.  Us, “little and insignificant magnets” are held onto the Earth by the Earth itself – the Big Magnet.  It’s called gravity.  Everything is magnetic in various degrees (even if we’re classed as so magnetically minor as being “non-magnetic”), we are molecular humans, but less magnetic than other things, like steel for example, because we’re about 85% water.

The opening scene from the movie “Contact” will give anyone a sweeping panorama of Bob Zemechis’s idea of space.  Bob, as many will recall, directed all the “Back to the Future” series.  He’s obviously a space person, and one of my favorite (among others) types of people.  That also goes for the late Carl Sagan, Steven Spielberg, and if any hadn’t guessed by now, I’m a Trekkie.

However, religion doesn’t see things in this overall light.  Their vision is miniscule, tunnel sized, flea brained, and invariably bigoted.  The purpose of this article is to hopefully make people think – outside of the envelope.

Willful ignorance knows no bounds into the depths of stupidity, but to the open minded seeker, provable knowledge opens the doorway to infinity.

In many comments made by this Site’s editor, he said that he could not see that this massively complicated creation could have simply “evolved.”  In this, I have to totally agree.  Life simply don’t come from nuttin’.  Life can only come from life, and that’s why we (as life) can only come from something living – namely the planet Earth.  So, even though the lifetype of our planet is much different than we, the planet itself must have a form of creativity and a spirit of energy of intelligence that drives it.  If that’s so, then we are NOT the highest life form on this Earth.  All life is constructed of molecular energy, and in the human sense, this (scientifically) needs a formularized construction.

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to channel-flick onto a CBN (Robertson and his gang group), blurb. Pat Robertson’s son (and I dunno what the heck his name is), was on a preaching gig.  I haven’t any idea where this character gets his info, but he needs to research his facts better.  He said:

“Science has now accepted “evolution” as a FACT.”�And that is pure BS.  Science never accepts anything unless it can be proved, time and time again.  Science has always called evolution a “theory.”  It is NOT a fact – as was stated – and Robbie Jr. has obviously NOT done his homework.  Evolution (despite the billions spent on researching it for over 150 years), is still a THEORY.  The fact that we were actually planted here (based on the allegory of Genesis 1 & 2) would make more sense, but even that is still theory.  But that’s another subject.

Science proved that the splitting of the atom – in this case of Uranium U-235 – was a fact when Robert Oppenheimer and his team “karrrrroompht,” the first A-bomb.  Up to that time, the de-atomization of an atomic nucleus was only theory.  Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein were messing with quantum mechanics way back in the 1920’s.  The mantle of the science of atomic quanta has now been relegated to Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, but he will admit, that much of his work (including black holes) is still theory.  If what they say is true (check out Brian Greene’s THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE), then we haven’t even started our investigation.  But arrogant  religiosity thinks it has all the answers.

So, we must ask ourselves:  With all this stuff going on, where is religion, and where is God?  There is an Infinity out there, with infinite knowledge, infinite thought, and an infinite possibility of ramifications.

For (supposedly) thinking religious preachers to vomit out their stuff about “God” proves the fact that they are either phony or total idiots.  Another thing – as the Editor correctly pointed out – he, and many others cannot possibly see such creative complexity to have happened accidentally.  Creation need intelligence.  True.  It may NOT be the type of intelligence that we are accustomed to, but it far outweighs our little pea-brains when it comes down to the mathematical, constructional, and creative methodology of our universe in this ONE of an infinite number time/spacers, and an infinite number of dimensions, and an infinite number of continuums, etc., et al.   Thinking BIG here, and we must be always thinking outside the envelope.

Within the infinity of creation we know infinitely nothing.  It will take an infinity of time (re: time/space) to catch up to the Original Thought, and by then, IT will be an infinity ahead of us.  But, we’re learning.  But now, I think we are at such a low overall level that we have so much to learn, and an infinity of time to attempt to achieve a higher status.  To me, the prospect of learning infinitely is exciting.  There’s so much to do out there. I do believe that, right now, we are on a primitive planet with much to learn.  But we’re getting’ there.  Bit-by-bit.   If anyone doubts about the “low level” mentioned above, then please take an honest look at our world and the condition of our planet.  Piece-by-piece, we’re killing ourselves.  Either we slow down, and get some real intelligence, or we’ll perish.

But I do believe that this PT Site is helping people to “see” and “grow.”  And that’s a big part of the growth process.  A big part in the process is to get the hell outa cults.  Invariably, that means religion in general.  History reveals the truth.  The fruits have been obvious in the letters received – both private and the ones that are open for publication.  Folks who are “out” as well as those still enmeshed in this cultic swill have been helped, and they are thinking and proving things for themselves.  What more can anyone ask?  Think. Question.  Prove.  Examine.  Challenge.  Better still, have these cultmasters open their accounting books for an independent + IRS examination.  If everyone asked for this, then we all know the answers.  So many cultmaster’s financial genitals would be exposed.

But, where are the preachers of “God” who oughta know this above mentioned information?  People must, of necessity, prove things for themselves.  Why is this forbidden?  Why can’t cultmasters face the questions and the music to follow?  Is the paycheck too much ?  We all know that was the case in Worldwide.  Ego + bloodmoney?   But what about the rest of the world’s religions?

I don’t follow any religion, as I’m more of a Deist and Freethinker, but at least Buddhism has some intelligent thinking on the subject.  They – as written by Dr. Walpola Rahula – embrace their beliefs as a “way of life,” and NOT a religion.  Their teaching pretty much follows the “Do unto others,” routine, and if everyone would simply forget “religion,” then the world would be a lot more at peace than now.  Look at the mess in the world today.  Get rid of religion, and you’ve got one of the biggest chunks of hate removed from humanity.  People look different, and that’s fine.  But when people get into a war about religion, the blood flows, and it always results in the waste of precious lives.  It’s all totally unnecessary.

I don’t believe that these religious blabber-mouths-for-profit cannot see this.  They can’t be THAT dumb.  Obviously they have another motive.  They must be totally nuts if they really believe the diarrhea they emit, and – in regard to qualifications – they should be doing nothing more than teaching a snail to crawl.  That would be the extent of their credentials.  However, this is not the case, so what is their motive?

To believe in a God, as they claim, they must obviously believe in the Omnipotent, Omnipresence, and Omniscient and therefore Infinite characteristics of this overpowering existence that empowers all of our lives.  The evidence is all around them.  Please check out Thomas Paine’s downloadable book “The Age of Reason” on the PT Site.  It doesn’t matter if any blabber-mouth is from Worldwide or any other cult.  Religion is the opiate of the masses (quoting Karl Marx), and it creates the fear (the opposite to love) that glues people to their chairs in the required attendance at church services.  It requires obedience to the edicts of the fleecemongers, and the buckaroos that keep these con-artists in their comfy lifestyles.

So  . . . we MUST ask the question.  Do these parasites actually believe in God, or even “a” God?    With all the evidence displayed about us constantly, how can any blabber of organized religion actually believe in a God as preached by religion?  If they preach about this “God,” then surely this God of theirs will eventually kick their asses into the next galaxy.  That’s called karma.  And ass-kicking is a karma favorite.

There are two motives that drive such con-artists.  That’s ego and money.  And, by logical deduction, if these are the driving forces behind these crooks, then they CANNOT believe in any sort of God.  Their reason for existence is here and now.  They obviously do NOT believe in any karmic repercussions – contrary to the Bible that they teach.   They’ll try to snow people with some different explanation – or a mess of them – but their fruits are the final proof.  There IS the evidence.  You cannot be a preaching cultmaster, or hireling, or guru in any religion and HONESTLY believe in some sort of a “religious” Supreme Creator – i.e. some sort of big spirit guy in the heavens.  Teaching the belief in Infinite Energy that propels the universe, in contrast to the standard blab, are simply dichotomies.  It’s impossible to look at creation and conjure up the fact that some “Big Guy” did all this.  The infinity of creation is bigger than any spirit man in the sky.  Thus, creation (or “God”) must take on a different and infinite form.

So, logic ain’t working with these preachers.  They cannot believe in the type of God that they preach.  They can’t honestly believe in some loving “Father” God who listens intently to all the prayers that are being sung.  Since we live in time/space, we’re subject to its laws.  Since these preachers for mammon are dishing out a spiel about a God who “listens to our every word,” then common sense must make their preaching an exercise in utter foolishness.   They most assuredly could NOT believe their own words.  And they must KNOW that what they’re saying is a bunch of BS.  They must know that “God” does not conform to what they’re teaching.  So they cannot believe in the God of the Bible.   That is, simply:  They don’t believe in their God.

In other words, these guys are fundamentally atheists.  They could NOT believe in the “God” they preach from their wholly babbles.  How could they believe otherwise?  Their preaching is from a totally atheistic, and mega-buck point of view.  How could they preach “God” and ignore the obvious consequences and the answers that lie all around us?  Unlike the agnostics, these preacher guys CANNOT believe in some type of God that (they claim) rules the universe.  If they did, they would (based on their own Bible), be so fearful of the hideous repercussions, that they’d rush to get out of the Babble Biz.

Since they won’t do that, they obviously don’t believe in the laws that run the universe – laws that are obvious to anyone who looks.  If they look at the karmic repercussions, also mention by Paul in Galatians 6:7, and if they would take such warnings seriously, then they’d scamper for the nearest Everest.  Please remember, this quote is in THEIR own book – the wholly babble.  The conclusion is that these blood-suckers – living and sponging from others – CANNOT  believe in any sort of “God.”  Atheists?

For most who have fled religion, must realize that some form of life/energy/intelligence runs this whole she-bang of creative activity.  Those who preach the religiosity for fun and profit MUST surely have enough matter between their ears to know better than to break those universal laws which must and will eventually destroy them.  Quite obviously they don’t believe it.  So, that leaves us with one of two choices – as applied to the money-grubbing preachers.  Either (1) they are total morons, or (2) they don’t believe anything they say – in other words, they cannot believe anything that they say from their own pulpits.  And therefore, these slimeballs – they are the REAL atheists.

Isn’t is amazing how a guilty party can point at another and call them the EXACT same thing that they are guilty of themselves?

If they were honest and true teachers, they would abandon their lifestyle, live as others, stop ripping off people, and come down to the level of the average person.  Since they don’t, how can they possibly believe in some sort of God – the type of babble “God” that is preached by them?  Maybe they need to look at their fruits, then look up the term “Atheist.”  It’s in the dictionary.  That is, of course, IF they can read.

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