Mentally Unstable?

“Power corrupts,” as Lord Acton said, “and absolute power corrupts – absolutely.”

For some reason or other (the reader MUST figure this one personally), absolute power – in any area – leads to all his/her subjects, and the reverend worship of the dominant leader. Unless the underdog is totally subjective, then the upper leadership goes insane with rage, threatens punishment, humiliation, slander, libel, etc. In religion, the “lower” people, if subjection is not adhered to and total surrender is not given, then the leadership (with the power) will take the formal action as dictated by their cult leader.

This action can take many forms, but with “religion” it can mean the threat of the complete loss of eternal salvation. And the ignorant will believe it. They tremble. This is the scariest of all for the membership of any congregation. In the articles IMMORTALITY and WANNA MEET GOD, there is an explanation of the future from a scientific point of view . . . at least as far as we now know. If you read these articles, you must derive your own conclusions.

But please, let us ask ourselves . . . how many of us gave our minds and our wills over to a bunch of loonies that were “mentally unstable?” It has been correctly said in the AMBASSADOR REPORTS over the years, that many of the cultmasters and hirelings (please see NON MINISTERS), have been bequeathed with a less than normal intelligence and education – regarding the average I.Q. – because the “Ambassador” education has proved to be a blizzard of lunacy and theological confusion. It fantasized dead Apostle Herbie’s vision of HIS own Kingdom on Earth, with he, Garner Teddy LaStud, God, Jesus, etc., at the helm of the rulership. Many of the membership actually believed it. Waterhouse used to preach this insanity. Mentally unstable? You figure it out. And all those goose-stepping, black shirted (figuratively speaking) lieutenants, who (in effect) wore the jack boots and the arm bands that bore the Worldwide Church of God swastika, pranced around the AC college campus as if they were “gods.”

When any man thinks of himself (and many still do – as there are supposedly 150 split off groups from the Worldwide Church of God), as such a “servant” and “instrument of God,” then this guy, and his dingy wife) have FLIPPED. They could be classed into the category of the “mentally unstable,” as many have indicated. No man or woman rules, or must dominate another man or woman, as all have been created equal to perform different functions, but we’re all created EQUAL. That applies to both men AND women.

This is a balance of common sense, and our forefathers, as the Site has indicated, were Deists. Please see: Our forefathers weren’t “religionists,” or any such thing. This wisdom is shown in our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Any mention of “religion,” or Bible, simply ain’t there. They believed in “God,” . . . indefinable as IT may be, but they did NOT get involved with any “religion.” That’s our own particular choice under our First Amendment, and shows our founding fathers’ wisdom of creating our country as a Republic. They – like most modern scientists – did NOT deny the existence of “God,” but instead, they could only take a stab at it. Modern scientists only try to generally define IT as Infinity, Total thought, and the Energy driving force behind all life – seen and unseen. That maybe a feeble definition, but so far, it’s probably the best we have. No one can define “God.” No one can define INFINITY. But religion always THINKS it can. That’s a major reason which makes modern “religion” so dangerous. First, they define “God” with their own madcap definition, then they try and dictate their own particular version of God’s laws and what He actually wants – as if He’s speaking to them (or that particular leader alone). And the membership says: “Duuuuhhhh, Ok.”

Thank God for the United States. It gives us the liberty of worshiping that indefinable “God” in any way we choose. We can be Catholic, Southern Baptist, Mormon, etc., etc., or even an atheist. That’s OUR choice. And in a Republic (“I pledge allegiance to the Flag, and the REPUBLIC for which it stands . . . ), we have the choice of our allegiance to any religion – no matter how crazy – and in any Republic, we have that option. But . . . in a full democracy, the majority rules. And that majority might just be crazy. It’s worth thinking about.

Imagine if 51% of the people voted to be atheist, or kill your fellow man at will. Imagine that? The other 49%, no matter whatever their personal persuasion, would all be illegal in their behaviour and thinking. That’s a democracy. Time and time again, Ronald Reagan insisted that we have a “Republic,” and NOT a democracy. If we had a democracy (contrary to the Constitution and Bill of Rights), then the majority would rule – even if they’re totally nuts. That’s what radical Islam (and I’m NOT talking about the normal Moslems) is doing. Just imagine that. Like John Lennon said in his classic tone poem “IMAGINE”: “And NO religion too.” Religion is – in essence – a controlaholic democracy. The majority rules, but naturally, under the sway of the leader who controls the way and the thinking of the membership. It’s just like a dictatorship that sways a majority, and ostracizes any who think different, or those who leave the cult. This is akin to a Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Suddam Insane, Pol Pot, and dead Herbie. It is also the program behind many of the major religions – and their organizations – today. “Conform,” the business backers and money men say to their mouthpiece – in effect – “teach your followers the things that are comfortable, or you’re OUT. Preach the exact things that will keep the masses, and their money, coming back again and again.” And so, the conversation, from these backers, goes: “If you don’t conform, then – no more buckaroos.” For the most, pastors and their organizations, which are heavily subsidized by biz corporations, will submit, knuckle down, and do the will of their financial masters.

The Worldwide Church of God lieutenants did the same. Dead Herbie was the dictator who held the money strings (along with possibly, the unseen backers). In effect, those lieutenants were saying: “Zeig Heil, Zeig Heil,” and etc. Since we KNOW that Hitler’s hit men (along with Stalin’s, Mao’s, etc.,) were brutally and mentally unstable – and history has proved that point – then this brings us to the facts and questions about the mental stability of the lieutenants of dead Herbie. Did power and money distort their viewpoint? Were they smothered in the avalanche of bribery to “toe the line,” and bring in the bucks?

The discerning reader must determine that answer, as well as the questions raised. With those lieutenants, cultmasters, and hirelings who were doing those chores of dominating the membership – one ultimate question must arise. Was this group of theological whores and their wives, mentally unstable?

It’s a funny thing about power. It distorts one’s perspective. Hitler had it, and that particular powder brain could NOT make a proper military decision, or be advised on how to correctly proceed. Herbie also had it – the same mental infection. He had plenty of proper advice from some sincere, sensible people who could see the problems, but the input from his (reportedly) unstable and paycheck loyal lieutenants, gave him another perspective. This was the input he actually wanted to hear. He stupidly (and predictably ignorantly) chose the latter. The loyalists simply flattered Herbie’s insatiable ego, catered to his chosen ignorance, and told him what he wanted to hear. He then became a veritable dictator . . . . and in the tradition of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc, he became, more and more, a mentally unstable dictator. There was no telling, or advising, this ego-driven person, how to reason (he had virtually NO education), how to act, or who to contact for advice. He obviously chose the wrong source. Ignorant people usually do.

Mental instability usually hits people who live in “La-la” land. They concoct their own worlds around themselves, believe their own infallibility, and when challenged, they react badly to those who challenged them. Over the years, both in the Worldwide Church of God and the Worldwide Church of God+ cults, people have challenged the cultmasters and hirelings by using common sense. However, logic and common sense is NOT what it’s all about, and so, the hirelings and their masters react badly.

It’s then that the ugliness starts. All sorts of slander and libel have been hurled at many who have challenged the Worldweird “authority.” I was told of two separate cases where members were slandered from the pulpit. Each case was totally unfounded, and later proved untrue. Each member, at different times, decided to take the matter to court and sue the Worldwide Church of God and the “mouthpiece” that did the slandering. In each case, I was told, the Worldwide Church of God tried to settle out of court, but both members wanted to go the full distance. Before either managed to get the Worldwide Church of God into court, I was told that both members suddenly “died.” This obviously ended the lawsuits. While such deaths might have been simply co-incidental, it does make one suspicious of the whole she-bang, especially in the light of the mental stability of the pastoral/cultmaster leadership at the time.

Back in 1979, many of us saw Worldweird mental instability reach new heights. The leadership was challenged on improper spending, IRS abuse, and violation of the law. The upper cultmasters went wild, and goose stepped their way around with foul attitudes toward anyone who disagreed with a cowardly, trembling, and hiding (in Tucson) Apostle Herbie. No one in their right mind would have treated people this way, as each cultmaster’s preaching of “love” had been suddenly manifested into hatred. But then again, they had to protect their paychecks, bonuses, and perks.

We are all supposedly made equal before “God.” Some may have more ability than others, and some are better educated. Some have more money, and some live under better circumstances. But we all MUST make the most of what we’ve been given. The needless slaughter of Africans in their own country, and the rampant terrorism across the world is a result of those particular leaders being mentally unstable. Osama bin-Laden talks so much about being a martyr and going to heaven to finally meet and dwell with Allah. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the “Allah” of their reasoning, and that all those terrorists finally met a different Allah. “Allah” it turns out, to be a voluptuous, mini-bikini clad girl, with a gold cross around her neck, and the words “Jesus Saves” tattooed across her upper chest. Whoops!

Although I know that it wouldn’t never happen that way, it’s amusing to just think about such a scenario.

By now, even the most unstable minds in the Worldwide Church of God and the Worldwide Church of God+ must have reached the conclusion that dead Herbie was a sexual deviate, pervert, a bully, and an unstable cult leader. But, they won’t change. Most cult employees cannot do anything else except dominate their congregations with doctrines that have been proven ludicrous – even in the pages of this PT Site. Let’s face it. They really don’t have the education to do anything different. And it’s seems obvious that they have NO intention of examining the intricacies of the Worldwide Church of God. To hang onto something they KNOW is wrong and lead people in that wrong direction, takes a mind that badly needs psychological repair.

Let’s face it. They (the cultmasters and hirelings) have already warped the mentality of many normal thinking people in their congregations, so what part of the “Dark Side of the Force” frequency are these cultmasters/hirelings (and wives) tuned into?

Genetic science has told us for years that if a particular line of thought, or theological reasoning, is constantly emphasized within the brain, the neurons (in a sense) carve out a channel (or trench) in our thinking, and we will automatically think in that direction. It’s like a trench dug into our psyches, and in a certain direction. And the waters of life will continue to flow along that ONE trench, unless there’s another option.

When – and if – we eventually discover that such a trench is going in the wrong direction, it does indeed take a definitive effort on our part to “fill in” that trench, and reform, or start digging, a new one that leads to logic and common sense. That’s why Thomas Paine’s AGE OF REASON (downloadable from this Site), reflects such refreshing wisdom. It signals a total mental stability, and uses the logic of our given human thinking instead of the dingy emotions of a cult. And as we progress, a new trench is now been carved in the brain’s direction of logic, and the old one of mental instability must be covered over for good.

From what has been written, both in the AMBASSADOR REPORT and the witness of many ex-members from Worldweird, there have been times when such members must have wondered about the mental machinations of the preachers of Herbieism . . . and their dingy leader.

I attended Ambassador for night school ONLY. I was never a full time student. In those evenings that I attended with a buddy of mine, we had mostly teachers who taught us logic, and who also taught us to think. They were all subsequently fired and disfellowshipped. Supposedly, according to the propaganda, they were filled with: “The leaven of intellectualism.” That figures. No evangelistic moron could stand the logical competition. Some of those intelligent teachers have since died. But during one course, we had the fanatical Rod Meredith for a part time teacher. I’ve never heard so much hallucinogenic verbal drivel. Talk about mental confusion! However, whenever he wasn’t there, another teacher took over, and straightened out the mentally confused mess that we’d been fed by the above named “evangelist.” That latter and unnamed (but factual) teacher was also finally disfellowshipped.

But mental instability – for the cultmaster/hireling – can come with a programmed feeling of being invulnerable, or always being right, or the wacky conception of that: “God would NEVER let me make a mistake.” Unfortunately, most of us believed that insanity, and we ignorantly gave allegiance to the Worldweird cult and its crackpot leaders. And so, they used that allegiance to their own advantage. We hung onto every word delivered by some cultmaster or other whose thinking was akin to a psychotic with the accompanying severe mental aberrations. We too, were being programmed for mental instability.

Let’s make no mistake about it. People who choose to believe their own publicity will have multitudinous quirks that “normal” people don’t. Many celebrities, for example, have turned into some of the most demanding people on the planet, and they make the most anxiety to hassle other production company employees, in order to cater to all and every one of their personal egotistical whims. So it is with any cultmaster or hireling – each according to his own degree of “rank.”

The same also holds true for many “Christian” leaders (and overwhelming phonies) as they have three aims in life for themselves. That’s (1) promotion of their own egos, (2) the accumulation of wealth, and (3) monitoring the evolution of their own power structure. For their investors, there is, of course, the usual “cut.” People who focus on these attributes have a certain mental instability, because such conduct will eventually lead to their own destruction. They have caused confusion for people, and both mental and physical damage. They’re not that stupid as to be ignorant of these facts. I believe, that by now, they KNOW what they’re doing. But, quite obviously they don’t give a damn. These are the tares of the planet. Look at the world. Look at the (supposedly) 150+ groups that have split from the Worldwide Church of God. There is not only rampant confusion here, but many, many lives of former members and their retirements have been ruined. Cultmasters and hirelings who willingly and deliberately indulge in that type of dominant behaviour belong to the “mentally unstable,” as such conduct will eventually “eat” them.

So, many times when we were under the domination of the lame-brained zonk behind the pulpit, we were dealing with and obeying those cultic zombies who had severe psychological problems. Indeed . . . many were indeed – mentally unstable.

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