The subject of death is something that people like to avoid, even though it’s something we all must go through, and something we should all seriously consider. Today, the world’s flooded with books about how to be happy, successful, rich, or more seductive. Tony Robbins screams that we’re all looking for happiness, and he (of course, for a price) has the formula. Carlton Sheets (for another price) tells us how to have tons of realty equity and shows us that we can drive a Rolls Royce’s too.

Everyone’s obsessed with telling us how to be happy in life, but no one talks about death. And that’s the only realty that any of us will have to deal with in our lives. We’re all going to die, no matter what fancy formula we follow in the meantime. We only have so much time on this planet . . . then what?

Everyone, it seems is on a mad craze to show us how to have a happy life, and live a real blast, but no one addresses the real issue – that of the inevitable – death. We sell our formulas for happiness, but no one likes to talk about the reality of death. The only thing that we can ever be sure of is that when we’re born, at some time, we’ll die.

This article is NOT talking about re-incarnation. Some Western religions embrace it, the East usually does, but there are so many variations of this theme that it’s as varied as the stars in our galaxy. It gets to be mass confusion. If one honestly examines most religions, we’ll find some truth in all of them. Possibly the most inaccurate is the one that we’ve been swamped with, and that’s the one with the Judeo-Christian principles.

If it’s indeed true that “by their fruits you shall know them,” then how come this country (which is the most “Christian” country in the world), leads humanity in all sorts of crime? With each individual crime, we’ve outfoxed the world in just about every area, and yet this is the birth-country (and the associated business interests and paraphernalia) of the “Born again, Jesus movement.” It is true that the USA is the capital of “Christianity,” but it is also the capital of crime.

Over the years, there’s one big thing that I’ve learned, and that’s if Christianity says that something is definitely truth – then it’s probably NOT. With extensive examination of the sources of our “Christian” cultures, these foundations are probably the most confused of all spiritual intelligences. Religion has taken man’s freedom to think wisely, it has taken his time, and it has certainly taken his finances. Man would have been better off if religion – per se – had never existed in his life. I’m NOT talking about lacking morals or integrity, but mankind does not necessarily have to get those attributes from one church or other. Without “religion,” mankind would have been a much freer individual to make his own choice and find his own spiritual connection to the Infinite, but from the earliest times, unscrupulous businessmen have seen an endless source of profit based on ignorance and fear. Many have also used the opportunity to control, bully, and dominate those who lived in ignorance of the cruelty of the controlaholic. Regrettably, many would bow their bodies, their minds, and willingly give their finances to a smart talking blabbermouth, simply because he yells the loudest and because he spews out the most bilge water, theo verbiage about a subject that he knows practically nothing.

Morals, decency, integrity, and love to fellow man don’t have to come from some church organization or other. They are “God given.” Nor do any of these characteristics come from going to church on Sunday and listening to some demented and striped-robed preacher rant and rave Bible from the pulpit. Nor does love of fellow man and righteousness come from hymn singing, sitting rigidly to attention for an hour, trying to look intelligent, or shaking the pastor’s hand. The chances are that he knows less about the Bible than the congregation. Yet, he’s the one that gets the paycheck.

The wisest thing that was ever said in the Christian-Judeo ethic is the one phrase that’s been almost totally ignored in this day and age. “A new commandment I give you, that you love one other as I have loved you.”

If the Eastern myths are such a muddle and the Judeo-Christian teaching is even more confused, then where do we go for the answers? Where do we go for logic? The answers lie – as always – within ourselves. Although an article, like this one, can give people a guide, it can only “click” if it bears witness within a person’s innermost being. So, please read on, and see if an inner explosion takes place. This “explosion,” as mentioned will only happen if the article makes sense, logic, and sets your spirit at peace. Ok. Let’s go.

To try and make some sense out of it all, we MUST go back to square ONE. We must start at the beginning (or as near as we can) and try and make some sense out of life, because religion has done nothing but confuse the whole issue and we have over a thousand varieties and oddball theories being blasted at everyone from every part of the globe. In this respect, we can only grope for answers, as the Infinite truth is infinitely beyond us. We can only hope to scratch the surface of some type of spiritual understanding. This article is ONE attempt at trying to unravel the mess, make some sense out of the chaos, put the whole thing back on a logical track, help us to use our minds rationally, and see a clear track from birth to death and beyond.

In this article, we’ll use NO theories, NO traditions, or NO assumptions. As much as we can – with what we already know – we’ll use the logic of our minds, the uncluttered (true) spiritual thinking, scientific proof, and the logical deductions that must follow. So, let’s start at the beginning.

First of all – WHO are we? If we look at ourselves for what we are, we observe that we’re physical matter. Now – down to science. Physical matter is nothing more than vibrating material called molecules and broken down further to the vibration and whirring within a massive complexity of atoms. For more detail on this and the string theory, please check out Brian Greene’s “The Elegant Universe.” There are other excellent similar books available on the Internet. Our vibratory material (molecules, atoms, etc.,) may become infinitely smaller in energy patterns and even lower than the variable shaped strings of light energy that supposedly bounce and vibrate as (what’s called “quarks”), our own individual energy frequencies, sub-carrier frequencies, and multiplicity of combinations – much like a complex TV signal with a multiplicity of multiplexed modulation of all types and frequencies . Basically, we are molecular particles in vibration.

If there’s such an extraordinary order to this molecular formation, then this implies intelligence, and that proves there’s mathematical logic behind the “motorization” of our outer vehicles. If that is so, this proves that there is well ordered life and intellect behind the functioning of this whole outward form. Everything is in perfect order, we run perfectly, the solar system runs wonderfully in orbit (mass, velocity, centrifugally and centrifugally) correctly, and our place at the end of our galaxy is perfectly located. It’s not too light all the time (as in the center, where there would be no night and too hot), and it’s not too dark all the time (as at the edge where there would be no day and too cold), thus indicating a perfectly placed heavenly asteroid, with self perpetuating and self generating characteristics on the skin of this planet Earth, which if used wisely would provide us food and sustenance forever. All this proves unbelievable intelligence, an intelligence that’s way beyond us, but an intelligence that regulates our universe, and in turn, controls our personal molecular activity. We also notice that “something” breathes AS us, runs our bodily functions, and puts thoughts and ideas into our intellect. Who of us thinks about our own breathing, running our bodily functions, or giving ourselves ideas? Since none of these functions lie within ourselves, the energy that performs this power must be either outside us, or living as us. Therefore this energy either runs our systems, or we live as part of it.

But, behind this life, energy, or intelligence, there simply cannot be nothing. There must be “something.” There must be thought of some kind, and that thought is what we call “consciousness.” That’s the best definition we have. So, this consciousness becomes intelligence, which becomes life, which becomes formularized, which becomes energy particles, which are eventually shaped, defined, and then manifested as creation. Since this “mysterious” process has confused “religious” man as long as he’s been reborn on this Earth, he likes to bring everything down to his own level to where he can understand it. He must “feel” it, and sense its working. He must “feel” some sort of Divine or Ultimate power. He hasn’t a clue that it’s all coming from within himself. Man must have something higher to relate to, even if it is primitive, and then man feels comfortable in “worshipping” that Higher Power, even if he hasn’t got an inkling as to what it is. This “Divinity” concept takes as many forms as his own particular culture evolves. But, in general, man calls this Infinite Energy, this Source of Consciousness, this intergalactic energy simply: “God.”

Since he’s dealing with this Infinite Energy (and brought It down to his own level), he wonders why he can’t talk to It as man to man. Or at least, he’s bewildered as to why he cannot pray to some little man like himself, or being able to chat to an Ultra Big Man like some great Spirit-Being in the stars. But, in fact, all mankind is dealing with, is this creative energy and not some human “daddy” who takes care of all our needs.

We don’t pray to electricity, or even to our cars to have them run. We simply put gas in those cars, start them, and use them the way they were intended. So it is with God. We don’t beg God for anything (although time and chance have given blessings to many), but we use this Infinite Energy for the purpose it was intended. And that purpose for us is life, accumulation of intelligence, and the process and path to Infinite growth. There is no stopping of the expansion of Consciousness. To lower our frequencies (like a Hitler, Mao, or HWA), simply takes our energies in a different direction, reduces their frequencies, and produces the ugly results. Remember, “God” is Infinite Energy or Consciousness, and as such, knows ALL areas of good, bad, up, down, intelligence and stupidity. There is nothing that is not known in the Consciousness of Infinity. It’s all up to us as to which path we’ll follow. We can be a Mother Teresa or a Herbie.

Many men have followed their own lower-frequency vibe nature and produced evil, while others have followed their higher frequency urging and produced altruistic results. Most average folks follow the latter and eventually receive the blessings. It’s got nothing to do with “God” as to how we use those energies or those particular “God” frequencies. “God” will simply supply the energy (any frequency we want), to any of us to do anything we like. It’s all up to us. And that’s where our rational, logical, MINDS come in. The big question is: “How do we want to use God?”

At this point, the standard Christian churches must be throwing their psychotic fit with their conventional “Christian Hissy,” but the reason is simple. If what has been stated in the above is correct, this premise totally removes the “churches” sources of money and power. These churches are not needed anymore. It puts mankind on a one-to-God basis, and that’s the way it should have always been. “Churches” have been the biggest money leeches to have ever walked the Earth.

What most people don’t realize is that when we bring “religion” into our lives, we give up our free will. We give up our relation to the Infinite Energy and give it over to a secular power that will invariably take advantage of us. God lives AS us, and to let another person (without proving the facts) run our lives for us, is the same as letting someone else direct our eternity. We were all created and are being lived through (by the God energy) for a good reason. Some are plumbers, some architects, some doctors, some carpenters, and some engineers. But no matter how we allow customary religion into our lives – IF WE DO – we will significantly affect the chosen God given direction and the unique abilities that live within our soul, and the reasons that were given to us for our individual creations. Without the affect of “religion,” who knows what greatness we could have achieved? We are all the unique creations of God, and we don’t need some chunky profiteer to stand between God and us, like a toll master, to supposedly reveal to us the secrets of spirituality.

Religion will always fight the above premise because it removes their power, control, money, and worship. When “Church” entered the picture, man became enslaved. He became fearful, ignorant, and allowed himself to be enslaved to an illusion. Like all of us, we became dupes to the salesmanship of those who would milk the populace for their own luxury, their own glory, their own political power, and their own golden parachutes. The above stated theory (and please take time to PROVE it) frees man and lets him find his own way with “God.” It takes the ugliness of untoward man out of the equation, and drives home a major point that would create peace on Earth. And that point is: “No man should ever rule over another.”

To do this, each must regard the other equal to himself. We serve each other, love each other (not necessarily “like,”) but never dominate. Help someone when needed and not subdue them. Sure, there are some that are in worse circumstances, but that’s where we all come in. Kill the ignorance. Educate all men and help them all stand on their own feet. But this would come with the price of those in power giving up that power and being just like you and me – human. Although some may have more responsibility, this doesn’t negate the fact that we’re all of the same spiritual essence, and that goes for MEN and WOMEN. When we get that message, then we’re starting to balance out the planet from a spiritual point of view. We’re starting to get the message of peace. NOTEWORTHY POINT: Peace has NEVER been achieved in any nation at any time where men have dominated women.

Have you ever noticed that mankind forever has had the attitude of domination of his fellow man? Have you ever noticed that whatever mankind has attempted has usually finished in war? Have you ever noticed that maybe the direction that we’re going on this planet is actually upside down? Maybe we should look at things differently.

There’s a principle here. Since all life (seen and unseen) is God, lives as God, breathes as God, and expresses as God, then there can be NO death, because God cannot die. Nothing can die. It can only change form, and the more we are “formularized,” like ourselves, the less the change there will be, the less change there needs to be, and then the more we’ll move on from there. Sure, we can change form, and do, but we cannot die. We will always live in one form or other, but there can be no death. Since “God” is Infinite, and thus always growing, it follows logically that we must grow with It. Unless a person has taken on a negative energy, like Hitler, Herbie, etc., then our next step MUST be upward. Since we cannot die, we must go the only way we can – UP. There is only one life in this universe, and that Life is eternal. And we are part of It. That life actually LIVES us.

More of these details are given in WANNA MEET GOD?

So now, let’s look at death. None of us like looking at death, especially in our loved ones, but like it or not, it comes. However, since we’re all (really) immortal anyhow and can only change form, then we’re not really dead – nor can we ever be. We can never die. Granted, we’ve moved to another world or dimension (and there are a zillion of those – please check the above article), then our next step is another higher grad school. We’ve just gone from one grade to the next higher. No one likes the idea of the discomfort of death, but it’s simply a closure from one grade to the next. Please remember that we’re still living on an ugly primitive planet. If any has doubts, then look at the fruits. And the passing of death must also reflect that spirit. But with the graduation from one grade to the next higher one, it gets easier, and more fun. We don’t need to learn the more mundane lessons we must plough through now at this lower frequency level. Our enjoyment will be greatly enhanced, even though we cannot see it for the time being. For example, a child playing in his crib and a man having sex are both happy, but the difference and capacity is vastly different.

Also, no one is saying we should hurry along the process. Many have asked about suicide? But please remember here, there may be tons more yet to learn in this Earthly role. We’ve probably got tons to do, even though we may not see it yet. The job ain’t over until it’s over. Many have found they’ve started another career later in life, or been given another job direction. Things like these changes can change a world. This is where the Biblical parable of the ten talents comes in. Most of us are given more talents than we could ever use. Now – it’s time to use them as the opportunity arises. We don’t have to go looking for good things to do. They’ll appear all by themselves. There’s plenty of loving work we can do in this world. We jam all the talents that we can between our birth and death. This will move us further ahead in the dimensions that follow. When it’s time to finish the job, don’t worry, we’ll be shut down automatically. It’s what we’ve produced in the middle that’s important. Three things are certain. First: We’re going to be born. Second: We’re going to die. Third: What we put in-between is the important thing. Use every talent we’re given. It could change a universe.

So our death, although sorrowful (and we’ve all had our series of grief too), is nothing more than a change in grade level for the departing spirit. It’s a bump upward. It’s a new world – probably as new to us as Abraham coming into a new visionary society. It will be an exciting new world – maybe an intergalactic one – and seeing we can’t die, who knows what material we’ll learn? Learning and growth is the stuff of God.

Since there is also no time (another subject), there is no growth to God. God is continually growing at an infinite rate. We’re never going to catch up. Our eternity (if we chose the decent path) will be of one that continually learns of God. We’ll be growing into God for infinity. There are these and other dimensions, galaxies, continuums, and other things that we could never imagine. We’re evolving, and our death is only an inconvenient door to the next grade level. There’s an incredible future ahead of us. Although death is a saddening experience – and sometimes, very much so – in a sense, it’s a welcoming growth for the one who’s experiencing it.

And, after all, there’s only an eternity to go. Let the games begin.

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