The “Christian” Antichrists

A major problem in this world is that too many people do NOT have the courage or determination of will to let the “fresh air of truth” to flow liberally through their minds.

In this world, we cannot have any type of sincere movement or philosophy without there being a counterfeit opposite. Every “honest” government, for example, has corruption in there somewhere; every good business is susceptible to dishonest, maniacal intervention. And every “reputable” church will have its DARK SIDE

For the last several thousand years, we’ve seen (what should have been) a morally stable contingent of religious organizations (churches), degenerate into the slime of self serving profit corporations, rip-of artists, and destroyers of lives, sanities, and the dignity of the congregational folks who are trusting, and who don’t even look for the evil in their fellow man – especially IF those men are regarded as “church leaders,” elders, or board members.

Today – this principle applies to an over-abundance of “churchy” corporations . . . all of them, wearing the crown of “righteous” behavior. And so, it’s little wonder why sincere people come to automatically accept many of these (disguised) criminals as holy “men of the cloth,” even though their true fruits show them to be powered by a lower energy, spirit, and frequency.

In fact, most if not ALL church groups are all biz oriented and very few – if any -give a damn about the well being of their fellow man. Without the incessant bleating for money, most of these groups would simply go “kaput.”

The word “Christ” comes from the Greek word “Christos,” and literally means anointed or Anointed One. Jesus, for example, was anointed as a great teacher of those times. Gandhi was “anointed” as a political activist. Apostle Herbie was most seemingly anointed for the verbal outpouring of sewerage effluent. In all cases, the “Christhood,” title is reserved for someone with a specific job. And making money for criminal shareholders at innocent peoples’ expense is NOT one of the intended purposes. But, such is the “Christhood” of (what is called) religion. On a thorough analysis – no matter in what time or age – religion (in general) has always proved to be a SCAM. It is, as one writer put it, “the opiate of the masses. And we neither want to be addicted to something, nor a non- thinking machine.

It’s good to be “anointed” to something, but religion ain’t one of them. So, exactly – what is religion, and what does it require from each of us?

THE “CHRISTIAN” ASPECT. By now, most would consider (owing to the “fruits.”) that the combined IQ of all the Nazi cultmasters would be no more than that of meat.

Ole’ Roddy Merry-Death used to quote two basic verses which reveal something of this character’s thinking.

The first was that we’d rule all nations with a ROD or IRON, and the second was how Jesus would have the unbelievers (emphasis on “disloyal,”) to literally worship at our feet in order to show His great love to us. This shows two basic character flaws. First, it shows a desire for dominant rulership over all people, and two, it shows the lust for adoration and literal worship. And he’s not alone.

This same crap is preached by the other nazi cultmasters, for example the PCG (also called the Putrid Cult of Grunge), whose would-be nazi apostle, Gerhardt Floozy, and others, similarly approve of the dominant implications here. The emphasis here, being (1) People control, and (2) Self worship. I.e. – Power and kiss ass.

When we take a careful look behind the scenes of all organized religions, they all reflect the same mentality. People and (their money) control, and “reverence” for those in power. The “Christian” PTL Club, for example was bought out by a bizman who is Canadian Jewish. Government from the top down. Sound familiar? Since this is the opposite (or anti) the original Jesus’ teachings, IF we refer to Jesus as “Christ,” then organized religion must be ANTI-Christ. Let’s look at some of the other fruits.

Second is the money angle. God (or whatever) doesn’t need anyone’s money. But, the biz of organized religion does. It survives on it.

Since corrupt politics and “organized” religiosity have the same goals, is it any wonder why each political party ( Repubicans and Demoncrats – misspelling deliberate) seek their own religious backing? One back scrubs the other. And each seeks the same goals

So, while the world seeks “Antichrist” under every rock, we’d all do well, probably to start looking within our own “Organized Religions.”

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  • I hear this Flurry gent runs a song and dance outfit of his own?
    No idea what that troop is all about but all that really matters if those involved all love and are also loved in return. If that’s lacking or missing then the whole program is a waste of time.
    My personal beliefs are that most people born on this vast planet are missing the true love of God because we don’t know how to find it. He has created us all and only He knows where our happiness lies. Happiness, true long lasting happiness is not possible here on Earth in the flesh.
    Till that day we are all free to search out God’s wonders here on Earth till our dying day.

    • Thank you for that nice reply.
      I can see that you live your religion and embrace the big picture of life. Too bad for the cultist. They don’t know what freedom in Christ is.

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