Herbert Armstrong Fraud. Jesus Christ Will Not Return Tonight.

Jesus Christ will not return tonight, nor will he return tomorrow night, or next year, nor will he return next century. If you wait for his return, you wait in vain. You will grow old and you “will die” waiting for Christ’s return. Christians have an empty hope, and a worthless faith in the non-existent return of a non-existent “savior.”

“This could be the year!” And with those words we burned out our lives, hopes and future. We listened to a madman, a mentally ill diseased man who committed incest with his own daughter for ten years.

“This could be the year!” And with those words we lived in bondage and poverty vainly waiting the return of Christ and “God’s government” while the lecherous HWA lived in splendor, wealth and traveled the world on money demanded by backbreaking laws and commands of “God”.

God demanded and commanded our faith and obedience, and HWA demanded and commanded three tithes plus offerings, building funds, free will offerings, tithes of the tithes, emergency funds, crisis’s in the work offerings, loans, and our rent money. Every year could be “the” year that Jesus Christ could restore God’s government. And every year could be the year that saw the beginning of the Great Tribulation.

Yet, none of this ever remotely happened. HWA proclaimed loudly that America had won its last war, yet we have not “lost” a war since. HWA proclaimed loudly that a German led Europe would destroy America, yet Germany and Europe today do not possess an infinitesimal amount of the military power required to destroy the United States of America.

Herbert W. Armstrong was a known, proven and documented liar, false prophet, child molester, alcoholic, and coward. He commanded boys that ran a paper route to tithe on their nickels and dimes, yet he himself bought an $11,000 sterling silver champagne bucket. HWA commanded tithes before rent or groceries, yet he himself bought salt and pepper shakers for $8,000 – with that same tithe money from nickels and dimes that “he” commanded.

HWA kept all of us living on the edge with his prophecies of dire and impending destruction. The end is near! This could be the year! Jesus Christ is returning soon! The world is ruled by Satan! The Great Tribulation could begin at any time! Time is short!

Yet absolutely nothing happened. Year after year HWA proclaimed the “end”, yet year after year the world went on. And the world continues to go on even decades after the screaming proclamations of HWA have been silenced by death.

And the church that “he” founded has fractured and splintered just like the great whore that he virulently screamed against. All of his end time prophecies have failed, none have occurred. Nothing has happened – the world goes on.

HWA’s only legacy is destruction, failure, and depression.

Down through history, so many false prophets have cried out that Jesus Christ’s return was imminent, and history has proven all of them to be liars.

For many centuries, countless millions have wasted and destroyed their very lives waiting for the “imminent” return of Jesus Christ. They have destroyed their own families and their own future while waiting in vain for “the end”.

Many false prophets have created “religious drug orgies” of insane expectations. And many false prophets have made themselves rich while glassy-eyed Christians waited in hope and faith with insane expectations.

And when the “psychological drug-induced” religious fervor crashes into reality, the Christians are shattered and have given so much to the false prophet. But the world goes on, and the Christians recover – and the false prophet is wealthy for life.

For far too many centuries, deceived Christians have waited for Christ’s return at the word of a false prophet. The Christians are always disillusioned, the end never comes, and Christ never returns – but the false prophets always come away with the Christians wealth.

Christians continue to wait…

But they continue to wait in vain, wasting their precious lives. They continue to wait, listen and give. They continue to wait; they continue to cling to an empty hope and an even emptier faith. A faith that is even worse than worthless, it is a faith that destroys lives.

You can waste your entire life waiting for the return of Jesus Christ. And you can alienate you friends, family and loved ones by proclaiming to be a harbinger of the “truth”. You can make your life absolutely miserable, a life of “spiritual” drugs, and a life of never ending failure, depression and nightmares. You will grow old and you will die waiting for the “end” that will never come.

You can waste and destroy your entire life; your own talents, skills, abilities, family and future – all for nothing. The zealot’s frenzies and the false prophets religious drug orgies will always fall to the reality of silence. But the zealots and false prophets continue to grow wealthy and they do well. And the world goes on.

False prophets utter different prophecies, different doctrines and different words. But one “absolute” fact is common to them all. “God” desperately needs “your” money.

Christians who wait for Christ will grow old and die waiting in vain. As will their children and any number of generations who are deceived by a false prophets empty, but intoxicating “spiritual” insanity. Christians wait, just as they have waited for centuries, and just as they continue to wait even today. But they wait in vain – the world goes on.

Jesus Christ will “not” return tonight – tomorrow night – next year – next century – or ever. It is impossible. The reason is very simple…

Jesus Christ cannot return because…

He was never here in the first place.

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