The Churches of God are Tithe Farms

Having been through a few high powered sales training schools and being a professional salesman with a successful track record I feel qualified to critique the COG sales organizations and Herbert Armstrong the founder.

Back when he started, Armstrong was a bankrupt salesman, and he had just left another religious organization under adverse conditions as a result of disagreements over doctrine. He and many others were drifting sheep. Armstrong had nowhere to go and nothing to do, so he had nothing else to lose in his ventures.

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If you are in bondage, then don’t feel badly. It happens to most of us in our lifetimes. Sure, it happens in our workplace, it happens in an abusive relationship, and it happens in our “church” life. And . . . if you feel that you’re in bondage, then take heart. Most of this world is too.

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Mentally Unstable?

“Power corrupts,” as Lord Acton said, “and absolute power corrupts – absolutely.”

For some reason or other (the reader MUST figure this one personally), absolute power – in any area – leads to all his/her subjects, and the reverend worship of the dominant leader. Unless the underdog is totally subjective, then the upper leadership goes insane with rage, threatens punishment, humiliation, slander, libel, etc. In religion, the “lower” people, if subjection is not adhered to and total surrender is not given, then the leadership (with the power) will take the formal action as dictated by their cult leader.

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Who was Herbert W. Armstrong?

Herbert Armstrong had a profound impact upon people in the Twentieth Century. He affected millions with his vision. He was personally known throughout the world by prominent leaders such as Indira Gandhi, Eisaku Sato, Anwar el-Sadat, Mrs. Golda Meir, Ferdinand Marcos, and Haile Selassie. He founded a Church which broadcast on Radio and later Television, founded The Plain Truth Magazine, established Ambassador College, and promulgated a unique doctrine of prophesies and the afterlife.

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