Empty Promises

Herbert Armstrong wrote a lot of booklets which made promises — actual and implied. When we go back through and review the booklets he and his staff wrote in the light of what has actually happened, it is clear that the great swelling promises and prognostications were profoundly empty. Looking back, the booklets now seem crassly hypocritical. The Radio Church of God, Herbert Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God never measured up to the very standards they set.

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The “Christian” Antichrists

A major problem in this world is that too many people do NOT have the courage or determination of will to let the “fresh air of truth” to flow liberally through their minds.

In this world, we cannot have any type of sincere movement or philosophy without there being a counterfeit opposite. Every “honest” government, for example, has corruption in there somewhere; every good business is susceptible to dishonest, maniacal intervention. And every “reputable” church will have its DARK SIDE

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