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  1. Hi: I have been effected by this church nearly all my life! I was 15 yrs old back in 1959 when I first heard the “World Tomorrow” broadcast on WLS in Chicago. I was a “baptized member”from 1964 to 1974. I was baptized by Ole Joe Takach himself! The church encouraged me to marry the wrong person broke me up with the women I really love. It has been a heartbreaking experience! But I still believe it was an education that will always be with me, I’m now 74 yrs old!

  2. The cult was indeed a education. It exposed me to some of the most deviant people I ever knew along with a host of mentally ill humans. It slowed my personal progress as a human being and destroyed much of my wealth back in those days. I learned and will say “Never again” Trust no one.

  3. These videos probably have little effect on those still in Armstrongism. They will point to them and say, “Look at the anger, look at the reprobate mind that develops when the Holy Spirit is taken away. The vitriol and anger is unique to those that left the WCG, this proves how much Satan hates the truth.” But, perhaps for those investigating Armstrongism it might be effective. I hope so.

    1. The videos are effective for those who have arrived at a point in their journey through armstrongism where there are more questions than answers.
      Your right that people think we are angry. We are not angry but honest. More honest than their hireling ministers who continue to deceive people in order to collect a paycheck.

      I have had a lot of people thank me for stopping them from joining. They are horrified when they look into armstrongism long enough as they do their due diligence. Then there are those who write me and say they are going to join anyway. I understand that also because I at one time was one of those hard nose true believers. The price I paid for shutting my eyes was way too high. I follow no man ever again. Politician nor priest.

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