The Legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong

The not so amazing legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong…

If your prophet brings a wake of death and destruction are you wise to follow him?


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  • George M Panattoni Jr.

    Hi: I have been effected by this church nearly all my life! I was 15 yrs old back in 1959 when I first heard the “World Tomorrow” broadcast on WLS in Chicago. I was a “baptized member”from 1964 to 1974. I was baptized by Ole Joe Takach himself! The church encouraged me to marry the wrong person broke me up with the women I really love. It has been a heartbreaking experience! But I still believe it was an education that will always be with me, I’m now 74 yrs old!

  • The cult was indeed a education. It exposed me to some of the most deviant people I ever knew along with a host of mentally ill humans. It slowed my personal progress as a human being and destroyed much of my wealth back in those days. I learned and will say “Never again” Trust no one.

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