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While most of the world thinks that “religion” is the way to go, many readers of this site have now taken a more realistic approach. Throughout our tenure in Worldwide Church of God, we’ve seen the upper criminal element to be very much alive in this and the offspring cults. What they did, and are still doing, would be considered criminal by most impartial courts of law. Yet, the legal system – despite the separation of church and state – chooses to look the other way when it comes to crimes of religion, which (in the Western world), we would call “Christian Crime.”

There is one fundamental reason as to why religion still “gets away with it,” and that is the reason that both the Government system and the religious systems need each other. Laws protecting religion are still enforced, and religion reciprocates by providing loyal voters to re-elect the same politicians who make the laws who protect religion that provides more loyal voters . . . . etc., etc. The two are bed partners, and if one is to be stifled, the other will crash.

This hasn’t changed much since 325 AD, when Emperor Constantine made a hybrid mish-mash of Babylonianism, Mithraism, Judaism, and their own brand of barbarianism. Both the empire of Rome and this new religion needed each other. Each had it’s own supporters, backers, and power. It was convenient for them to all become one overall, general conglomerate.

Although Catholicism evolved into the new state religion, it maintained its own empirical structure. It had its Pontiff, the ruling body of lawmakers, and a police force, namely – the priesthood. The Roman empire also had its leader – Caesar – the ruling body of lawmakers – the Senate – the SPQR (Senatus Populus Que Romanus), and their police force. The Emperor’s and legislative police force was the Praetorian Guard, and the policing of the masses was done and administered by the Tribunes, Centurions, and the military. In essence, they both followed the same methodology of governmental control, but kept separate administrations, as the business of church and state proved to be too confusing to overlap.

If we are to examine the criminal behaviour of Worldwide Church of God, then we find exactly the same process in their operation that existed in Catholicism and the Roman Empire. There was the legislating body led by a Pontiff or Caesar (Herbert W. Armstrong), and this was overseen by the lawmakers, or equivalent of the Catholic College of Cardinals (the Evangelists and other top people), and the police force was the field ministry.

Back in the days of the Roman Empire, while the church has its own empirical structure, it still gave allegiance to the Emperor. The reason was simple. It was the Emperor who had all the money. While Catholicism garnered its own money, the power was still with the Roman system who had the most goodies. So, early Catholicism smooched up to the Emperor. This was exactly the same process that the NT Pharisees used. They ran their own temple system, garnered the tithes and offerings, but they still smooched up to Caesar. Even though they had a power base, with money from the people, they couldn’t match the wealth and power wielded by the Emperor himself. So they enjoyed their own wealth (which the civil regime allowed them), but they gave the ultimate homage to the ruling class of the Roman Empire. In fact, the average people were double taxed. They were income taxed, and tithe taxed. Sound familiar?

Over the centuries, things between Church and state have remained pretty much the same. The kings, emperors, and the countries’ leaders were all given the ultimate respect, because they had the most money and wealth. However, as long as their empirical selves or power base was not shaken, the “church” could do as it pleased. In a sense, the church was like a subtle police force over the people to keep the masses in order, and giddy with a sense of spirituality. While the politicians of the land did what they wanted and ripped off everyone, the church kept people happy with that scenario and gave congregations a weekly dose of mush which brainwashed people into thinking that everything would eventually be Ok. If people feared the church and God’s wrath, they would never break the laws of the land, and thus the civil and ruling authorities would be safe from any rebellion or coup, and could continue their criminal activities against the taxpayers. It was the perfect setup for both parties to “fleece the flock.” And for this, the religious leaders were allowed any money that they could “milk” from the general masses of people in the name of God and religion. So, both the governments of countries and their respective religions lived happily together, as each needed the other.

In the late 1700’s, things changed. Country rulers lost their money and wealth to the bankers, and a new breed of power slowly took over the world’s economy. Nowadays, the power resides with those (as always) who have the money, but these nameless and faceless men are not kings or emperors. They are the world’s bankers, power brokers, top industrialists, members of some royalty, and the ingenious super, nova-riche. Some may think that this is talking of some “conspiracy” theory, but it is not. For those who know human nature and the fundamentals of business, please understand that we’re talking about business as usual. Namely – if you control the masses, and you control their buying power, then you cement your own power base.

In each country (like the emperors of ancient Rome), these ultra-money people have the same system as was used 2000 years ago. They have a legislative body to pass laws that suit their purposes, and they have a police force to enforce such legislation. Each country follows the same methodology, so it should not be surprising when someone states the obvious. In our country, the legislative body that’s used is called the government, and the police force is called, nationally – the FBI, and internationally – the CIA.

There is one big difference between now and the days of Rome. Those who have the financial control on the world pay for nothing�for the legislation or policing costs. Income tax pays for both the slugs in government and the police force that watches us. We ourselves, are paying for our own bondage. If there’s any doubts, then please check out the fruits. We’re over a trillion dollars in debt to the Federal Reserve (a private company), we lead the Western world in crime, our enemies that would destroy us are now our forced trading partners, our standard of living has gone amuck, and equality is only for those who can afford it or when it’s “politically correct” to do so. The average citizen is being shafted, infested with runaway, mindless crimes, we’re losing our fundamental liberties, and basically, most people are scared of the future.

This is where religion steps in. People who are unhappy will complain. People who complain might want to “change” things. While this is not, repeat NOT advocating any sort of possible retaliatory action (other than voting), it is the church’s job to placate the masses. “Religion is the opiate of the people,” said Karl Marx, and if people are given a false hope by the world of religion and brainwashed into believing that Jesus will return at any minute and solve all the problems, then most folks will be lulled into a false sense of security, and will ignore any future police state that might be looming on the horizon. It is the job of religion – in general – to keep the masses under “law” and subservient to government legislation. Just keep ’em dummies happy.

Government and religion both work for the same boss. That boss is money and power, and the people, behind the scenes, who control that wealth. That’s why governments and religions always work together, everywhere in the world, although they do have different procedures of operation. As one past country’s leader said.

“My feeling as a Christian leads me to be a fighter for my Lord and Savior. It leads me to the man who, at one time lonely and with only a few followers, recognized the Jews for what they were and called on men to fight against them . . . As a Christian. I owe something to my own people.”�(Adolph Hitler).

It’s nice to know how cosy politics and religion are. But take heart, the worst is yet to come.

In the future, what will happen if the people become more and more disenchanted with their lifestyles? What will happen when people come to see more and more the hypocrisy and blatant error in religion? What will happen if religion can no longer placate the mesmerized masses that rock together with arms raised and eyes closed in a hypnotic stupor within the halls of worship and the sanctuaries of RELIGIOSITY AND CHURCHIANITY? What will happen if religion loses its grip on their congregations? If religion loses it, then the governments of the world will suffer equally with lack of credibility. And enforcement will become a necessity for the survival of the “opiate,” and the legislating body who make the laws for those who pull the strings. We could have another inquisition, and it will all be legal.

No one, at this stage, knows who wrote the Book of Revelation, but the supposed author called “John” could be anyone at all. We don’t know if it was written by some con-artist (who could guess very well), or if it was written by an ancient Nostradamus. But, it’s interesting to note, that mentioned in there is a Beast (political) power that works hand in hand with a False Prophet (religions) to dominate and terrorize the people. Just a thot.

If the current administration gets its own way, all weapons owned by regular folks will eventually be confiscated as in England, Australia, and elsewhere. Then, there will be no fighting back.

“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” (Adolph Hitler, 1933) In 1947, Herbert Armstrong came down from Oregon to California. As Prophet Herbert, he’d finished milking the Oregonians of any money they chose to give him. He couldn’t have had more than $100,000, which may have been a lot for those days, but that amount still could not have gained him the start of what became Ambassador College. So, from where did this con-man get all his money?

We all know the story of Herbert W. Armstrong’s bragging about “faith” in obtaining that campus land, but since we now know he was a liar, a pervert, and a shark, then faith had absolutely nothing to do with it. Someone had to have financed him. He starts a college on priceless land, and with four students. The very premise is ridiculous. Eventually he manages to take over four city blocks of Pasadena. Herbert wasn’t that smart. When he incorporated in California as the Radio Church of God, he didn’t have to reveal his backers, or later participators in his accumulated wealth. In the sixties, Stan Rader appears. Where did this guy come from? A watchdog for the backers? He was given privileges that no member or ranking minister could ever have. Yet he was “unconverted.” So, who was this guy? It’s interesting to note that in later years that about 45% of the Worldwide Church of God income was designated as having gone to “overseas work.” Since only 15% of the income was allotted to both ministerial salaries and media, then what was this “overseas work?” In fact, it appears that it had nothing to do with any work outside this country. But the proceeds could have gone to overseas bank accounts. Overseas work??? Yeah – right!!!

If we wish to take an average income of $100 million a year for the last twenty years of Herbert W. Armstrong’s life, then this relates to (approx. 50% of the total) about one billion dollars being sent to – God knows where. This, of course, is in addition to all the other perks, bonuses, acquisition of property (see wcg realestate page ), and milking of the church funds that went on. Now, do we see why the government did nothing when they knew what was happening? If Herbert W. Armstrong was financed by big money, and if the big money controls the legislative body, then nothing will be done to a corrupt organization like Worldwide Church of God in order that the financial backers will get their return. Herbert W. Armstrong got away with criminal prosecution in 1979, and the backers collected.

And this was only ONE church that has been so financed. Put this typical one billion dollars together with the incomes of many more and even higher producers over twenty, thirty, and forty years, and the trillions of dollars profit for these financial investors and backers has to be staggering. And that’s only in the U.S.A. Has anyone ever asked how the likes of TBN, CBN, and the Billy Graham Crusade, etc., etc., got their starting money? Investors. Many of these investors follow no religion. To them, this is nothing but business. For example, the latest we’ve heard is that Jim Bakker’s former “Christian” retreat, called “Heritage Village,” is now owned by a Canadian businessman, who is Jewish.

While we may never know how Herbert W. Armstrong “garnered” his Pasadena starting money, it’s certain he did not have the congregation in mind, nor their spiritual welfare. It would be tough to prove, simply based on the fruits, that this crook was involved with big money financiers or even the mob, but we’ve seen what happens when despots are backed financially. Herbert W. Armstrong’s fruits are appalling, and a mini-example of what we saw with Hitler. So, we might now ask, who is Joe Tkach’s real boss?

Hitler received financial backing for his Nazi party (Swiss Banks), and no doubt, Herbert received backing for his Worldwide Church of God. When both despotic leaders perished, the financiers undoubtedly received (and still are with Worldwide Church of God) their massive profits. Sadly, that’s the way the world is now run. But most people are still caught up in the stupor and panacea of organized religion that’s based on something that’s less than a vapor. It’s the age old con game. Most governments of the world usually do what they like. They pass laws to benefit those who are in real power, and rip off the citizens. Then hypocritical religion and its hirelings come along and smooth over any hard feelings. People are being drugged mentally, being sold a pile of nothing, then they tithe dearly for that nothing. And that religion still keeps ’em smiling.

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