The Delayed Prophecy Excuse Refuted

Was Herbert Armstrong a false prophet when he predicted Jesus Christ would return within five to ten years (Military Service and War 1967, p. 54), that communism would take over India and engulf “the yellow races” (1975 in Prophecy, p. 10, 1956), or that a world dictator was about to appear (first copy of The Plain Truth)? Or, as Armstrong apologists say, were his prophecies merely delayed?

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If you are in bondage, then don’t feel badly. It happens to most of us in our lifetimes. Sure, it happens in our workplace, it happens in an abusive relationship, and it happens in our “church” life. And . . . if you feel that you’re in bondage, then take heart. Most of this world is too.

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Who was Herbert W. Armstrong?

Herbert Armstrong had a profound impact upon people in the Twentieth Century. He affected millions with his vision. He was personally known throughout the world by prominent leaders such as Indira Gandhi, Eisaku Sato, Anwar el-Sadat, Mrs. Golda Meir, Ferdinand Marcos, and Haile Selassie. He founded a Church which broadcast on Radio and later Television, founded The Plain Truth Magazine, established Ambassador College, and promulgated a unique doctrine of prophesies and the afterlife.

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