The “Plain Truth” About The True Church

From time to time in my adventures, as I read the letters and articles of people on this website and elsewhere, I come across references to the “true church”. When my eyes were first wrenched open by the unassailable facts of corruption at all levels of the Worldwide Church of God, almost the first question that entered my mind was: “If this isn’t the true church of God, then where is it?”

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The Family

Some years ago, I was conversing with a fellow single man during the feast of tabernacles in Anchorage, Alaska. I was planning to take a drive through the magnificent Alaska scenery to see the Matunuska Glacier. I knew his second tithe funds were running low, and I asked him if he would like to come along.

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Most of us have been lied to all our lives. While this avalanche of misinformation – and usually about God and religion – may have unintentionally come from parents, friends, and relatives, it’s usually a little more sinister when it deliberately comes from outside our families. Politicians lie, religious leaders lie, the news media lies, oil companies always lie, and in Sho-Biz, it seems no one ever tells the truth. Continue reading “Apollonius”